Enabling VS.NET 2008 to work with IIS 7.0

This is likely old ground for some, but I thought I’d cover it again just in case. As you may know Visual Studio allows you to create a new web site on IIS. However, there are some minor steps that you need to complete before it will work appropriately.

Let’s walk through this.

  1. Open Visual Studio .NET 2008
  2. Go to File | Web Site…
  3. Click the Browse… button to choose a Location
    1 - vs08-newwebsite-sm
  4. Click on the Local IIS button on the left
    2 - vs08-iis-sm
    You’ll notice the IIS 6 Metabase and IIS Configuration Compatibility need to be
    installed as well as ASP.NET. The next steps we’ll go through will enable this for
  5. Go to Start | Control Panel and click on the
    Programs and Features
  6. Click on the Turn Windows features on or off button on the left
  7. From the Windows Features window, select the IIS Metabase
    and IIS 6 configuration compatibility
    option under IIS 6 Management
    as well as ASP.NET under Application
    Development Features

    3 - vs08-features-sm
  8. Click OK and wait as Windows configures the service
    4 - vs08-configuring
  9. Once Windows is done configuring IIS, it may ask you to restart. Click Restart
    5 - vs08-restart
  10. After rebooting, you should be able to walk through steps 1-4 again and create a
    Web site with the Local IIS option.
    6 - vs08-working-sm

This should be all you need to do to enable Local IIS integration with VS.NET 2008.

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