Government:origin,growth& form in the United States

I received a very thoughtful Christmas gift from Kamila this year. It was a book titled “Government : its origin, growth, and form in the United States, Ohio Edition“. The book showed an amazing amount of perspective into who I am. Books are very valuable to me — particularly books of this age (printed in 1902) with regards to government.

Governement: Its origin, growth and form in the United States - Ohio EditionFirst, the book is a historical view of government in the United States. Anyone that knows me well knows this is important to me. I love history , and more specifically United States history.

Second, it was entertaining that it was an Ohio edition since that is where I grew up.

Third, I love the book’s perspective. The book still describes our founders as men with character and conviction — men who put country first. While I’m interested in truthful historical perspective, I don’t like the concentration placed solely on the negative information we can find about our founders.

For instance, I’m well aware that Ben Franklin was womanizer. I don’t overlook it. I take in Ballot insertperspective, however, with my admiration for the man. He was one of America’s biggest life-hackers in history. He was an inventor. While today might point to iPhone apps developed to improve your life, others were and still are pointing to Franklin’s inventions as aides in every day life. I also consider the fact that to the day he died many ridiculed Franklin (in spite of his obvious contribution to the country) for being an abolitionist (after owning slaves earlier in life). I admire a man who can examine his own beliefs and take difficult positions after careful introspection.

All of that points out that while I am aware of how Mr. Franklin behaved in the presence of women, I am more prone to talk about the positive. I would want me kids to emulate the positive, not the negative.

Lastly, I love this book because it demonstrates her understanding that I don’t need expensive gifts — thoughtfulness was key here. I only wish I could return that sentiment – I’m a horrible gift giver. I’ll endeavor to do better next year!

This book was the perfect gift for me. Thanks Kami!

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    2. I also got a 404 error initially, but as I tried to read the url in hopes of correcting it, it self-fixed something-or-another and I landed safely at the blog. I’m using FireFox. Merry Christmas and what-not cuz!!! Hugs to you and Kami! Kami- I hope to meet you one day! Keep making Tobin happy!


    3. So the problem was that I changed the URL and title after I posted this. The link from Twitter sent to 404 but this works now. Sorry about the confusion.

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