Live from Redmond

A little over a year ago, I emailed Steve Ballmer at Microsoft directly about an idea to make a digital, online user group community. I wanted to be able to let user groups from across the country make their monthly presentations available via the web. Rather than being limited to what is available in local communities across the country, I thought it would be very beneficial to be able to watch any presentation at any user group on any given month: Community-created web-casts if you will. I was suprised to hear a response from Mr Ballmer direclty. I still have the email in my inbox because it reminds me just how much Microsoft DOES care — even the biggest guys in the company will handle customer-related issues. Mr Ballmer thought it was a great idea and gave me some contacts to discuss with INETA as well as several other groups. To be honest, I got way too involved with other things and sadly never followed up. Apparently, the idea wasn’t lost on the folks at INETA or MS though. Brad Abrams has just reported that this dream is close to a reality in a new offering called “Live From Redmond.”. Although it is not quite the community I was envisioning, it does at least make many user-group meetings available via live meeting. It’s a very exciting concept and I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

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