#MIX11 Day 2 Impressions

Yesterday was the second official day of the MIX11 conference. It was quite clear from the audience reaction that the second keynote was far more interesting and appreciated than day 1. There was an energy in the air that was palpable.

Customers seemed to love each and every part of the keynote — from the virtual 3D ScottGu to the Blue Angels web site being developed in HTML5 and Silverlight. The applause was thundering. I encourage you to go check out the recorded keynote here: http://live.visitmix.com/Keynotes

I had a lot of fun talking with developers from all over the world about what they were working on, what they were interested in seeing at Mix and what they thought about the conference so far. I’m always amazed at how inventive our customers are with our software. More so, I’m always happy to see the passions that come out when geeks of various walks of life come together to talk about the field of software development.

I also had the opportunity to watch the Channel 9 booth live as Miguel de Icaza sparred with Scott Hanselman about open source development. The laughs were frequent but more importantly, I think developers had the opportunity to see different views on the same community by both of these dynamic individuals.
I attended the “Future of Windows Phone 7″ presentation to see all of the fantastic features we are adding to the “Mango” release of Windows Phone 7. The list seemed endless. The presentation was literally an hour long presentation that listed the features of the phone that were coming up without much deep dive. From being able to take screen shots to having direct access to the hardware sensors, to the inclusion of new sensors, the list was amazing and should make for a great update to the Windows Phone 7 developer story.

Just as I did the day before, I spent breakfast speaking with developers about what they saw in the sessions the day before. Kevin Griffin said that he attended the Deep Dive into HTML5 and Graphics/3D with Silverlight 5. He said that he enjoyed it, but “it was like watching a DirectX or XNA 3D talk for the first time.” Apparently he felt the session level was misidentified as level 300 when the content was actually level 100. Kevin also said that the HTML5 Canvas discussion proved that it was “tedious to do cool stuff. We need good tooling in order to do that stuff right. Browser support is wonky.” He was referring to the disparity of support between each of the browsers. Of course I’ve known Kevin a long time and I couldn’t resist ribbing him about his new acquisition of a Windows Phone 7 device. He picked one up yesterday and just started learning to develop. I jokingly asked him what was taking him so long to develop his app. “Most good developers I know can have an app ready to submit to the marketplace within hours of getting their device. What’s your problem?”. Of course Kevin is no slouch and he immediately responded “well, I keep trying to use MSDN to learn how to develop my app — that might be my problem.” Yeah, Kevin can give the barbs as well as he can take them.

The MIX11 attendee party was apparently “successful” in all senses of the word last night. I was unfortunately unable to go as I’ve been sick all week. I took this opportunity to rest. Based on the looks of the crowd this morning, they didn’t let the party affect them too much. They all seem attentive.

I’m looking forward to this last day of presentations. However, the MIX11 experience doesn’t end when I get on my flight. We will all be able to “attend” the presentations at Mix online when the session recordings are posted at http://live.visitmix.com

Thanks for reading!

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