Dockable Tool Windows in VS.NET 2005

VS.NET 2005 introduces a ToolStripContainer control which allows you to develop applications with toolbars that can be docked, undocked, reordered and otherwise rearranged to the edges of a form. This is an excellent idea, however, what was an obvious miss for the product was the ommission of a dockable window. We are all used to seeing these windows in the VS.NET IDE. The are, essentially, dockable, sizable toolwindows that can be removed, docked , undocked, resized, pinned against a border of the IDE, or unpinned. This feature has been suggested multiple times and would definitely add a professional touch to many applications. Microsoft ommitted this feature from VS.NET 2005, but perhaps if we can get enough votes, this feature will be reimplemented. Realizing that the release date is only 5 months away, its unlikely, but we can always try. Go to [I have removed the link as it is now 404/archived] to and vote for this suggestion!

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