Poll: Where would you categorize SQL Azure?

I own the sites for all of the data stack on MSDN. I’m trying to categorize the SQL Azure technology where it makes the most sense to put it. I can obviously categorize this under SQL Server (as it currently sits), or I can move it to the Azure development center. Obviously I can link to it from either place, but I’m trying to decide where it belongs in the overall scheme of things. Your thoughts are appreciated. Vote, comment, do whatever you want, but please speak up and retweet this (link above) so others can too!

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Thanks for your assistance!

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    One Thought on “Poll: Where would you categorize SQL Azure?

    1. The SQL Azure Team refers to the product as “SQL Server in the cloud” or the like, and the goal was to emulate SQL Server with T-SQL, etc., so I believe it belongs with SQL Server (as a port or other version), not Windows Azure.


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