Pro .NET 1.1 Remoting, Reflection and Threading

I received 10 shiny copies of my new book that is now available at (or if you really must buy through them). Its a pretty interesting mix of technologies from .NET that helps bring a novice programmer up to date. While I’m much more of a C# programmer these days, based on my VB background this book was necessary. My reasoning can be found on the back cover of the book:

“Dear Reader,

Rapid Application Development has long been the purpose and strong point of a Visual Basic Developer. In the past VB versions, we had to solve more complex problems than the language designers ever intended. Of course, this fed the flames of those language elitists that said VB was an inferior language. With the introduction of .NET, many VB developers were overwhelmed with the task of learning programming in the object-oriented paradigm that was, perhaps, completely new to them; couple that with learning the .NET libraries, the CLR, and changes in the language we had been using for years, and many developers initially found it hard to shoulder the burden.

Coming from a VB background, I see firsthand how many developers barely have the time to grasp these concepts, let alone the additional intricacies of some of the more powerful features newly available to VB developers in the .NET world. Those powerful topics, as the book title suggests, are Remoting, Reflection and Threading. This book is compiled to help VB developers reinvigorate their learning by adding these powerful new skills to their tool belts. The topics in this book can help you take a standard application from satisfactory to out-standing. By adding background processing through threading, scalability with remoting, and extensibility with reflection, you can give your applications a uniquely professional touch. The details in this book will show you how to add these powerful features to your applications and will prepare you to compete head to head with other language developers.”

Anyway, I’m excited because this is my first hard cover book. Bill has already had his say on that topic. Donbt worry Bill, Ibm writing another book now in my spare time that will probably be written on tissue paper and covered with newspaper and finger-paint.

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