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Today, I received a request from Microsoft and I must say that I am deeply honored. I cannot provide the details just yet other than to say it is to review the content of a workshop. I cannot wait to get started!

While I’m on the topic of Microsoft and content, I wanted to say just how impressed I am with their attitude in the last few years. Many years ago, you could at least make a somewhat convincing argument that Microsoft was a detached organism with a drive and mission much like a honey-bee. They were committed to their task and very efficient at what they did, but if you got in their way or tried to alter their course, they could sting you.

Today, Microsoft has a much friendlier faC’ade. They solicit advice from the community through structured beta programs. They glean information from online groups such as forums and newsgroups. They solicit the help of professionals and reward them for their help with the MVP program. You can drill directly into the psyche of the development teams by viewing their blog, posting comments, or contacting these guys directly. Microsoft is willing to accept your feedback. But much more importantly, the teams at Microsoft attribute value to what you have to say. You can tell that this is an initiative coming straight from the top. You can tell that the employees are following suit.

Microsoft, you’ve done something right. With all of the complaints that get ballied about, and noise that you hear when you clumsily attempt to protect your intellectual property, I wanted to make sure you got your dues when they are deserved. It is here that I start my stand-up-clap-fade-in and hope I can get a few folks to join me in a here-here.

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    One Thought on “Selected for Microsoft Workshop

    1. Rumor around the office is that this is just a ruse of yours to hide the fact that you’ve joined the ACLU and are busy attending free Mumia protests. On a serious note though – they made a good choice having you review their workshop – hopefully the NDA isn’t too restricttive and you’ll be able to share the goods.

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