Sleepless in Greenville

For two weeks solid, I’ve been stuck in some sort of zombie mode. I’ve been unable to sleep for more than an hour at a time, or not at all some nights. I have had some major back pain in the past week and a half too so that may have something to do with it. But as I sit her ein my computer nook at my baren apartment, I find myself wide awake but unable to concentrate enough to do anything constructive. I try doing my work and I cannot. I try taking a couple unisome and laying in bed, instead I feel like I’m on some sort of acid trip. The type of sleep that unisome attempts to induce is something very strange to me. Its like the drugs are trying to “trick” me into falling asleep. It may sound slightly crazy, but I’ve somehow conditioned myself to get wide awake when I feel I’m being tricked. So taking unisome just makes me feel very strange, but even more awake. I’m not anxious about anything. I’m not taking on more or less work than I usually do. I’m just, awake and in pain from my back.

I’ve tried everying I can think of and its getting worse. Does anyone else get this way?

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