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i-Pod – Microsoft Style

As an outsider to Microsoft, I’ve often said that one of the downfalls of the company was their ability to complicate the simplest idea. I was, apparently, not the only one to think so. This video at iFilm.com provides a little insite into someone elses feelings of Microsoft. As I fly out to Seattle next week, I’m hoping that I can prevent myself from getting entangled in over-engineering and complexity.

Escape From Yesterworld!

Since I ended up on the INETA Community Launch Team, I guess I should start promoting a few things about Visual Studio .NET 2005 and SQL Server 2005. After all, it can’t ALL be about JAXASS (Javascript And XML Accessing Services Simply) , can it? Let me start by pointing you to this new tidbit from Microsoft. Its an awesome play on some well known comic movies of the past called Escape From Yesterworld. Prepare to spend a little time there, but be prepared to laugh int he process. Someone sunk a LOT of time into this promotion video/site, so the least you can do is click on the main page and check it out.