The house of pain is in effect ya’ll

I’m still sitting here with my back in agony but working on some very cool projects. As you’ll notice my post count has dropped each month, slowly but surely. I hope you don’t hold that too much against me. Forgive the dorky analogy, but I have too many threads executing in my life right now and not enough time slices in the day to handle everything and blogging without reaching my saturation point — the point where context switching takes up more time than is effective to execute my processes. Unfortunately, I’m running under more of a cooperative model and these project schedules don’t neccessarily play nice-nice with one another. Between work at TiBA, projects for Microsoft, book writing, investigating features of CO and SXM, learning some lower-level programming to keep up with the Jones’, putting together a new presentation for Code Camp in Charleston, and presentations for multiple guild meetings (October, November, December), posting a few answers here and there on the forums, I don’t have much time to myself. Blogging, therefore has had its thread priority set to below normal.

Speaking of cooperative threading, I’m proud to say that my recent eBay addiction landed me a brand-spanking new copy of Windows 3.1, MS-DOS 6.2 and a MS-DOS 6.22 upgrade (no Windows 3.11 upgrade yet). These copies are sealed and even still have a part number sticker on them from the large computer manufacturer these were sold by (OEM). They will go in my museum of artifacts. I am having a bit of buyer’s remorse though. I’ve spent too much money on useless things like my ATARI 800XL which I fully expect to be here a couple of days after the July 4th holiday. This too was a brand new system (appears new and unused).

Anyway, enough babbling for the night.

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