Throw-away projects in .NET

There are tons of new features in Whidbey. Enough so that I feel that the learning curve going from 1.1 to 2.0 can be easily 50% that of the effort going from to 2.0 (if not more). You can spend your time learning generics and predicates and partial classes and reliability contracts for threading and , well, you name it. However, sometimes its the little features that mean so much. VS.NET 2005 provides a little known feature that allows you to create projects, run them, test them, etc. However, unlike you might be currently used to, when you close the project, you can make the whole thing go away. In other words, you can open VS.NET to test a theory, run the project, do your debugging, and then dump the project so it isn’t wasting file space of virus scanner time. To impliment this feature, go to Tools | Options to display the options dialog. Under this dialog, choose the Projects and Solutions tree node.Uncheck this “save new projects when created” checkbox. Apply the changes.

Now, when you close VS.NET with an open/active project, it will ask you if you want to save it. If you click no, the folders are complete gone. Isn’t that awesome!?

Well, I liked it anyway.

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