What’s wrong with MSDN documentation?

A large part of my job at Microsoft is to provide developers with the knowledge they need to make use of the IIS 7.0 SDK.  While the information about IIS 7.0 is not out yet for review, there are plenty of docs provided in other areas, such as the .NET Framework SDK and ASP.NET sections, which can be used as a benchmark.   In order to make the IIS 7.0 SDK a success, we must do more than just put out a good product. We must also describe how to use it properly or it just will not be used.  So I pose a question to anyone who has ever looked something up in MSDN, what is wrong with the documentation you have used so far?  What is good about it?  What would you like to see to a greater/lesser extent in our documentation?   Feel free to flame us, or praise us.  If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas, feel free to express them here.

Your feedback will help me understand how to increase your satisfaction with MSDN and Microsoft in general.

Or better yet, if you have some desire to play with new technology that isn’t documented yet and provide that content to a worldwide audience, why not apply

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