Where’s the liberal/conservative outrage now?

Things I haven’t heard on Air America and America Right that I thought for sure I would:

“Newsweek lied, people died”

“Guns don’t kill people, Newsweek Kills People”

I guess I shouldn’t be suprised. Both republicans and democrats have tricked most of the nation into taking one side or the other without question. Citizens don’t seem to be able to find fault when there is definite blame to be placed. They can’t give credit, when there is definite kudos to be delivered. There is no co-operation for fear that the “other side” might appear to be making progress.

Why in the world can we not disagree civily anymore? Why does everything have to be a political tool? As intelligent citizens of this nation, can we not at least shame ourselves into seeing things for what they are? Newsweek went to print with this story because of this political hatred that has been spread from one end of the nation to the other. There was a day and age when common sense dictated that although there might be a story somewhere, some stories just shouldn’t be told for the sake of the nation. In this case, it was a story that was just flat out wrong, and all because an entire news organization is hell bent on killing this nation in favor of increasing a subscriber base.

This nation belongs to every citizen herein. Can we not find common ground and attack those areas that we agree on and forgive those that we cannot? I’m not asking you to drop your leftist/rightwing agendas, but why does everything have to be a federal law? Why can’t we let the states and local municipalities decide what is right for their communities? It leaves far more people happy than not. Its what the framers of our government intended.

I feel like I’m rambling, and believe me, I could ramble forever on this topic. But I won’t. I’ll just post this message as a prayer to the nation’s citizenry that we stop the bickering, and start fixing things that desperately need our attention.

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