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Bluetooth Viruses Attacking Bluetooth-enabled cars?

I came across this post somehow that I think is extremely cool. It details an attempt to attack a Toyota Prius with bluetooth viruses and known exploits. I’m happy to hear that nothing severely adverse was achievable, although there were some scary moments. Go check it out.

BlueTooth Sniper Rifle

Are you sitting at home thinking “Man, I really want to be a computer security geek, but I want to look like a terrorist plotting to take down buildings all at the same time.” Well, this article has just the thing. A sniper rifle to pick off bluetooth communications from up to a mile away. Yikes! Instructions on how to make such a device and how to use it are suprisingly easy. Check out the article on Tom’s Networking: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/how-to-bluesniper-pt1,review-408.html